Soluble Powders and Aggregates play a key role in providing essential minerals and nutrients for organic growers

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SOS Coral Calcium

SOS Coral Calcium (10) x 1# Bags

Coral Calcium is fundamental to healthy soil. • A complete way to nourish your lawn and garden without chemicals • It provides over 73 important minerals • It helps make healthier soil biology
SOS Corn Glucose

SOS Corn Glucose (10) x 2# Bags

Wouldn't it be great for a whole bunch of glucose molecules to be together in one package? Well, plants thought that was a cool idea. They hook glucose molecules all together in such a way that the long chain curls all around and forms a big globby polymer. That's starch! Whenever the plant needs energy, it can chomp a little glucose off of the starch. Chomp! mmmmm!
Hydroshale - 2K# Tote

SOS - Hydroshale - 2K# Tote

Hydroshale expanded slate lightweight aggregate - 2K# Tote
Hydroshale - Pallet

SOS - Hydroshale - Pallet - 40 lb. Bags

Hydroshale expanded slate lightweight aggregate - Pallet - 40 lb. Bags